About Us

     Paladin Innovations, LLC. is the parent company of Rescue Bit and all related product lines. Our corporate offices are located in Wichita, Kansas. We take pride in the fact that we are a "home grown" company with 100% of packaging, manufacturing and product design created in the USA.   

The Story Of The Rescue Bit

     Hello, my name is Michael Gresham, and I am the inventor of the Rescue Bit®.  Like a lot of you, we have a problem and we try fixing it. My problem started when I noticed my truck was starting to run hot. I decided to change the thermostat, which involved removing two bolts. I took one out and then started on the other when...snap! The head of the bolt broke off! I went to the auto parts store and was instructed to buy a screw extractor, go home and drill a hole in the bolt, then use the screw extractor to take it out. 

      I went home and ended up going through 6 drill bits just trying to get a hole in the bolt. Once I got the hole in the bolt, I put in the screw extractor, turned it, and again...snap! This time the screw extractor broke off. I went back to the auto parts store and asked if they had any tools that would remove a broken screw extractor; to which they replied, “Buddy, you’re out of luck! We don’t have anything that’ll remove a broken screw extractor, you'll just be wasting your money." (At least they were honest about it.)

      So, I called several drill bit companies and found out that I would have to call a welder to come and remove it. I called a welder and he informed me that he would have to weld a nut on to it, and even then, there was no guarantee that he would be able to remove it. He did guarantee me that he would have to charge me $110 just to show up and I knew that, that wasn't going to happen! I sat down at the kitchen table and said “God, please help me." I grabbed a piece of paper, started sketching, and before I knew it I had drawn what is now known as The Rescue Bit®.

      Now, at that time, I didn’t know what I had invented or what it would do, if anything, but it looked like a good start. I knew the screw extractor was so hard that the whatever I came up with would have to virtually pulverize the extractor to get it out. I decided to take my drawing to a local tool company. Once I was there I asked them if they thought they could make what I had sketched. I told them my thoughts on the situation and what it would take to make it happen. The engineer took my drawing, exclaimed in amazement that he had never seen anything like it, and that he could, in fact, make it for me.

      A few days later the prototype was finished so I picked it up and took it to my shop, said a prayer, and started drilling. I saw that the bit was damaging the screw extractor and in just a few minutes the screw extractor was out! I was also able to use the Rescue Bit to cut the original bolt out, put in another bolt, and got back on the road. The whole process took me about 30 minutes from start to finish. I realized that this tool had just rescued me and that it could help others who run across similar problems.

        Finally, the key to this tool is to let it do the work for you. The Rescue Bit takes VERY little pressure to run and you don’t have to “horse it”. In fact, the harder you push, the less effective the bit becomes, due to the way it removes the material. It can be used at high speed or low speed, just learn what speed works best with the material that you're working on. Does not require any OIL! It is, by far, the toughest tool you have ever seen! I use mine in a die grinder, and when the material calls for it, I reach for the old cordless drill I have lying around the shop. So, I say to all of you out there, “Try one, have fun with it, use it on anything your heart desires, and even you can be rescued…by the Rescue Bit.”